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About Kildedal

Close to nature – close to Copenhagen

Kildedal will be a green and dynamic city just a twenty-minute train ride from Copenhagen. Here there is room to live, work, and enjoy nature in modern homes of various sizes and shapes. At the same time, the city will provide for a new and ambitious innovation district in Greater Copenhagen with several thousand new jobs in the life science sector.

Oversigtskort, Kildedal Bys placering I Ballerup Kommne med Furesø og Egedal som naboer.


In Kildedal, it is easy to get to and from your home or workplace. The city has its own station and is well connected to both Copenhagen and the surrounding areas.

The excellent location in terms of infrastructure and traffic means that Kildedal is easily accessible, whether you arrive by train, by car, on foot or by bike. When planning the city, we are paying attention to having extraordinary good conditions for bikers and pedestrians and green modes of transport.

Urban life and community in a multi-faceted city

Kildedal is to become a multi-faceted city with many different users throughout the day and evening. In the future, couples, singles and families with children will move into new homes, and employees in the city’s businesses will range widely in both age and where they come from. The diversity in users and needs will help create the foundation for an exciting and dynamic urban life.

The urban life and community in Kildedal are primarily about creating an attractive local environment for the new residents and companies. In Kildedal, there are many places to meet and a lot to meet about. Near the station, small shops and cafés will in the future create the setting for a cozy shopping environment and ensure a vibrant daily life in the city. Cultural meeting places and recreational spaces are also being considered and this will help to support the different identities of the city areas. In the varying urban and green spaces and between the houses, worklife and leisure, visitor destinations and everyday activities interact together.

A city surrounded by nature – health and outdoor life

Kildedal is situated in the middle of a hilly landscape with direct access to nature. We include nature everywhere, including in between the buildings in the new city. Among other things, we are to create “The Green Corridor” – a sprawling piece of urban nature that connects the city in all directions that at the same time encourages you to move more.

The corridor allows for people to hang out, play and exercise, as well as to commute both efficiently and sustainably from point A to point B. If you are exploring the city’s various neighborhoods or further out into the rolling landscape, you can walk, run or go by bike through the city’s green corridor. At the same time, space is created for tranquility and reflection. For us, it is key value to shape the city’s spaces based on both mental and physical health.

We are developing a new city in scenic surroundings. It is of value to us that we take care of nature both while we construct and when people have moved in.

A city for Life – An innovation district for life science

Kildedal has high ambitions when it comes to being “a city for life”. Here, future research within life science will be carried out by companies within BioTech, MedTech, AI and data. In Kildedal, we will link tech and life science and strengthen these areas locally, nationally and internationally.

In Kildedal, it is about creating an innovation district on a solid foundation of networking and collaboration between companies. The goal is knowledge sharing and intersecting synergies. Multi-user houses, shared resources and meeting places are some of the ways in which Kildedal is to support both the local community and thereby the importance of the innovation district on a global scale.

Development in stages

Kildedal is to be built in stages over a period of 10 to 15 years. If everything goes according to plan, we will break ground in 2023. The overall plan is designed so that the city can be developed with a high degree of flexibility. With a subdivision into smaller sub-areas, it is possible to build the individual neighbourhoods independently of each other. The green corridor, and the crossings over/under rail and road, is being carefully considered in the stage development, so that each area is well connected to their surroundings from the beginning.

Involving process

During the process, we have invited broad dialogue and involvement. Citizens, politicians, business actors and associations have provided their input through workshops, walks in the area and citizens’ meeting about the overall masterplan. The municipality’s various administrations, green organisations, cultural life and others have also provided their professional insights and knowledge. The various inputs and ideas have helped shape the overall masterplan for Kildedal, which is today politically approved.

In the upcoming development of Kildedal, we will continue to invite to a broad dialogue and further cooperation.